REMOTED Joins VAMOS Ecosystem

Robot vehicle operator REMOTED has joined VAMOS Ecosystem. REMOTED operates electric and self-driving shuttles and buses to deliver sustainable urban mobility service and superior consumer experience to markets. The company’s service combined with the public transport system improves its accessibility and service level.

REMOTED believes that streets are urban spaces, and they belong to people. They also believe that the mobility must be changed from private car ownership to active and shared mobility which is offered as a service.

“The future urban mobility will be shared, electric, automated, and offered as a service. Instead of an egosystem, it is an ecosystem game. VAMOS is one example of industry initiatives where multiple companies work together for a common good” says Heikki Karintaus, Head of Public Sector, REMOTED Oy.

“It is great to have REMOTED join VAMOS Ecosystem. They bring valuable expertise for the ecosystem, which aims to bring practical solutions for moving people and things with better experience and efficiency”, says Senior Ecosystem Lead Sanni Siltanen.

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