VAMOS Joins European Automotive Cluster Network

VAMOS Ecosystem is delighted to announce its official membership in the European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN), signifying a momentous step towards international collaboration and innovation. Joining the EACN will allow VAMOS Ecosystem companies to expand their influence and contribute to impactful initiatives on a European scale.

VAMOS Ecosystem eagerly anticipates engaging with other clusters within EACN, fostering joint initiatives in projects, knowledge sharing, and policy advocacy. Our participation in EACN opens up new opportunities for cross-sectoral cooperation. We are keen on working closely with other clusters to advance autonomous mobility in smart spaces. This collaborative effort is crucial in realizing our vision of bringing trusted players together for implementing practical applications for moving people and things with better experience and efficiency.

VAMOS looks forward to a future where innovation and collaboration drive progress in the field of autonomous mobility and smart spaces. Our shared goal with EACN is to shape a future where collective efforts result in meaningful advancements.

EACN logo

The European Automotive Cluster Network EACN is the leading network of clusters active in the fields of automotive, transport and mobility in Europe. It has been initiated in 2017 by eight clusters and has grown to 24 clusters from 11 European countries.

EACN represents more than 3.000 companies covering the whole value chain, R&D institutions, public authorities, and other institutions. All OEMs and main Tier-1 suppliers with plants in Europe are members in at least one of EACN’s clusters.

EACN also collaborates in five working groups: Industry 4.0/Industrial modernisation; Supply Chain, Mobility, Skills & Competences, and Clean, connected, and autonomous vehicles (CCAV).

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