VAMOS member GIM Robotics receives funding for Eurostars project

VAMOS member GIM Robotics and xtonomy receive funding for Eurostars project everLOC with a total budget of 1.4 M€. The prestigious Eurostars grant supports the development of a solution for GNSS-free
multimodal localization and situational awareness for mobile machines in challenging outdoor and non-road environments.

“There is a clear demand for a robust one-stop localization and situational awareness solution for field and service robots and working machines operating in unstructured environments. Modular and easy to install solutions capable of performing well in GNSS-challenged or even denied environments in all-weather conditions without any supportive infra-structure are nowhere to be found, at least not without an extensive price tag.” says Pertti Lukkari, CEO, GIM Robotics.

xtonomy develops systems and modules based on indurad’s advanced scanning radars and GIM Robotics has extensive knowledge on the usage of various LiDAR based systems in numerous use cases. Together the consortium will create a GNSS free solution for relevant stakeholders. The everLOC project will run for 2 years starting in October 2023.
“Localization is vital for any autonomous operations performed by mobile machines. Equally important is the machine’s capability to have situational awareness (SA). We will develop a multimodal localization and SA tool, which provides both functionalities in GNSS challenged or even denied environments in all-weather conditions. It is based on our joint deep knowledge of radars, LiDARs and related in-house algorithms. The tool is highly modular with standardised interfaces and middleware implementations, easy to deploy to different machines and integrates additional information sources for best possible 6D pose estimates and SA updates.” says Dr. Christian Riedel, CEO, xtonomy.

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