The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) has become a part of the VAMOS Ecosystem. FGI, one of the four operational units of the National Land Survey of Finland ((NLS), is renowned for its international research initiatives and expertise in the field of spatial data. As a key player in the geospatial landscape, FGI plays a crucial role in providing the scientific foundation for Finnish maps, spatial data, and positioning. The institute is dedicated to conducting innovative research and developing methodologies for measuring, producing, and utilizing spatial data. FGI’s collaborative efforts extend to partnerships with businesses, universities, research institutes, and public agencies, facilitating the transfer of knowledge into society at various levels. The four strategic expertise areas of FGI are tied to UN Sustainable Development Goals and they are Research Foundations, Resilience and Solutions for People, Environment Perception, and Smart Sustainable Cities and Mobility.

“VAMOS Ecosystem’s focus on autonomous mobility and smart spaces essentially touches the research interests of all four of our departments and the theme can be seen as a core focus area for FGI. Our ongoing research in remote sensing, navigation solutions, geoinformation and geodesy provides a solid ground for any future collaboration within this ecosystem. While FGI primarily focuses on academic research, our projects are often very close to the end user and result in working prototypes and proof-of-concepts, as well as, generally utilizable results, such as open-source software. Hence, we feel at home in Vamos and we are excited for the new possibilities this brings,” says Research Group Manager Tuomo Malkamäki from FGI.

“In addition to research in projects with mixed academic and industrial consortiums, we maintain, for example, maps and GNSS reference stations and collaborate with and implement various tasks and research activities for other government entities. Joining the VAMOS Ecosystem increases our chances for contacts with companies in the field of autonomous mobility. This is important when we aim to benefit the society with innovations. They need to be commercialized,” says Martta-Kaisa Olkkonen, Research Group Manager from FGI.

By joining the VAMOS Ecosystem, FGI is enhancing cooperation opportunities. Phong Truong, VAMOS Ecosystem Facilitator, expresses, “The addition of FGI strengthens the ecosystem’s capabilities with its geospatial technologies expertise, which is fundamental in the field of autonomous mobility and smart spaces. We are looking forward to fruitful collaboration between FGI and other members to bring new and innovative solutions to the market.”

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